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Attorney Support Division

The Conflict Program supports panel attorneys by providing access to the Attorney Support Division services.

The goal of the Attorney Support Division is to enable and assist our Conflict Panel attorneys in providing qualified and experienced representation of indigent clients in Contra Costa County.

What is the Attorney Support Division?

The Attorney Support Division provides access to social workers, research attorneys, paralegals and mentors on any case, at any stage of the legal proceedings. Access to highly skilled individuals in these distinct areas of support allows our attorneys to assemble a team of experienced professionals on even the most complex and serious cases. The availability of the support team via Zoom or in person provides the attorneys with real-time insight and feedback on how best to represent the client.

Whether a social worker is needed to develop primary source evidence to prepare for a Franklin hearing, a paralegal is needed to organize voluminous documents into a functional database, or a novel or unexpected issue arises that needs to be researched and developed quickly, we have individuals available to take on the task, thereby allowing the attorney to focus on the big picture.
In the era of working from home, our support team is also staffed with skilled and experienced attorneys who serve as mentors.

Panel attorneys can now engage and discuss any and all aspects of their case with another attorney who can provide insight on how to approach the case or lay out a roadmap in a subject matter about which they have previous experience.


The Attorney Support Division is dedicated to providing Conflict Panel attorneys with a selection of skilled, experienced professionals in areas we believe are of value. Taking advantage of the resources offered by the ASD team will serve to enhance our Panel attorneys’ ability to represent their clients.
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